Apscl tinder dating site

by  |  10-Dec-2015 12:00

I stopped using the app for a month or so because I thought i needed a break.I deleted all my old matches who never took a moment to say even hi to me.

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There needs ti be additional setting added to filter these out. I used to spend a lot of time on Tinder daily, to swipe through potential matches. Many people are repetitive, while others are totally not who I'm looking for.

Also, there is no way to tell if profiles are still active or people put their profiles on hold.

Why do you match with someone but then never message back???

My time on tinder is spent needlessly swiping right and I have quite a few people swipe me back over 300 in a week and a half so it's good in that aspect but a lot of the people you match with typically have better things to do.

By that I mean you may send five messages total to each other but they may just be in it for the attention not so much looking for a serious relationship.

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