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As a result of its decision, Radio 2 and Ici Musique lost the CRTC's authority to air paid advertising as of yesterday.

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I was trying to get some information on what is going to happen with light pole and benches that (in memory of ) plaque's are on.

This is because the City has a new tender out to revitalize the promenade. I was informed that the City has no intention of replacing the plaque's and will be scrapping them. I paid over $2,500.00 for that light pole and plaque to placed on my City's walk way to be shared with everyone as did many others. There seems to be no concern for the tax payer past and or present!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The excuse I got was, that the time has passed and we need to move on. I urge all local and ex WR's who have interest in the community to flood City Hall and voice your concern in writing. Also here is Mayor Wayne Baldwin's email: [email protected] the rest of council: David Chesney [email protected] Fathers [email protected]| Megan Knight [email protected] Lawrence [email protected] Meyer [email protected] Sinclair [email protected] Waddell Sadly the mayor and council doesn't give a damn about the residents of WR..or present...unless it's from someone who is lining their pockets..my opinion !!!

Good Morning, So I had a chat with (Burk Madsen) [email protected] the City of WR engineering dept.

Editor/Publisher White Rock Sun David Chesney Kinsella was 81.

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