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In fact, men who have less testosterone report loss of libido and fewer erections. They Save Big Bucks On Hair Products Hair products are expensive!

And depending on what look you're going for, the event, the season, and the length, the amount of products someone uses at one time can be a lot. They're Less Likely To Develop Testicular Tumours In a study published in the in July 2010, it was discovered that bald men were less likely to develop testicular tumours than dudes who rock full heads of hair. Higher levels of testosterone offer some protection. While all these lovely assets probably can’t be missed on a guy with a full head of hair, when it comes to bald guys, these things "pop" even more.

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We have members all across the UK just like you looking for friendship, companionship and more.

Here's why dudes without hair make the best boyfriends.

It may not be something that anyone wishes for, but for a lot of men (about 50 percent), hair loss is a reality.

At first, it can be tragic, depressing, a horrible reminder of immortality, but once a guy realizes it's just a fact of life, and learn to own it, they become even more of a catch than they ever thought possible.

Yes, gentlemen, your bald heads are sexy; and yes, ladies, especially those of you who never considered it, dating a bald guy has some perks of which you probably never even thought.1.

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