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by  |  05-Mar-2016 17:22

The US media noted the coup at the time that it occurred, at some moments almost bragging about Allende’s fall, but the US was preoccupied with Watergate, which gave a glimpse of the nation’s criminal nature and other crimes against humanity, such as the overwhelming destruction of Vietnam.

All of this has gone down the memory hole, even in Chile.

In the US, the coup is today not widely known, and if mentioned treated as something like a fairytale invented by Marxists.

As Chile enters the neo-liberal economic era, it too has been compelled by the dominant social order to “move on” and forget the awful past.

Patricio Guzmán has insisted that memory be restored.

He has spent much of his career as a filmmaker digging deep into historical memory, beginning with the magnificent , 1975-79), a street-level view of the coup itself at it unfolded.

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