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To be successful at Jug Fishing you have to put some thought into your sets.

Just throwing Fishing Jugs out all over the place may sometimes catch fish but it will not be near as productive as setting your lines out in a logical manner.

The time of year plays a big part in your Jug Fishing tactics.

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Chinis xnxx poto

The time period just before the spawn (pre-spawn) is an excellent time to set Fishing Jugs.

Catfish feed like crazy during the pre-spawn and will eat almost anything.

Fishing shallow during this time period will be the most effective, around rip rap, feeder streams and shallow structure are all good places to set out jug lines.

After the catfish get into their spawning period, the bite will drop way off and they will be harder to catch.

You can still pick up a few if you set your fishing jugs in the right spot.

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