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In fact, before that date, there were already around 500 Vietnamese in Australia, mostly Colombo Plan students, and Vietnamese refugees did not begin to arrive in Australia in their thousands until 1978, when 5,400 were settled.Arrivals continued strongly through the early 1980s, with 12,915 people arriving in 1980, the second largest intake for any year.This surge coincided with the nationalisation of the South Vietnamese economy, which occurred four years after the political reunification of Vietnam, and impacted particularly heavily on the ethnic Chinese Vietnamese, who controlled much of the southern economy.

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Ashley Carruthers Australians of Vietnamese origin form one of the largest and most visible migrant communities in Sydney.

Vietnamese is the fifth most commonly spoken community language in Sydney other than English, and ranks above Italian.

Arriving as refugees and family reunion migrants in the wake of the fall of Saigon to advancing communist forces in 1975, the Vietnamese were the first large group of Asian immigrants to settle in Australia after the end of the White Australia policy, and the first significant group to arrive after the advent of official multiculturalism.

After gaining initial sympathy for their plight as refugees, the Vietnamese became the focus for traditional Anglo-Australian fears about an 'Asian invasion'.

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