Dating website opening line

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Often, a good place to start when it comes to website security is your hosting environment.

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Dating website opening line

Qualities of a trusted web host might include: It's easy to look at web hosts and pass the responsibility of security to them, but there is a tremendous amount of security that lies on the website owner as well.

Web hosts are often responsible for the infrastructure on which your website sits, they are not responsible for the application you choose to install.

To understand where and why this is important you must understand how websites get hacked, Rarely is it attributed to the infrastructure, and most often attributed to the application itself (i.e., the environment you are responsible for).

Keep in mind some general ideas while considering security for each aspect of your system: Keeping backups and knowing the state of your Word Press installation at regular intervals.

Security in Word Press is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren't taken.

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