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I take a small amount in my palm and rub both my palms together (PS: The intensity of the fragrance increases when you rub your palms together, maybe it’s cos of the heat produced during this friction) and then apply it on my towel dried hair towards the ends of my hair. And once my hair dries, combing it is so much more easier cos of using this product. This has helped me a lot in reversing the damage that I made my hair go through and it makes my hair look so healthy ☺ I can’t stop sniffing my hair cos of the amazing fragrance that it imparts 😛 Also it helps to prevent damage caused by blow drying and other heat treatments.

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It has a flip-open type of lid and you can control the quantity that comes out.

The packaging is very sturdy and doesn’t leak at all even if you keep it in your bag while travelling.

The bottle comes in a carton and all the instructions are printed on the carton as well as on the bottle.

This oil doesn’t have the consistency of oil rather it’s like a serum.

It’s not very runny nor thick, its somewhere in between.

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