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Dundee Blue Watch - Scottish Fire and Rescue Service Documentary In this Documentary, DUSA TV works along side the Dundee Blackness Road Station of the Scottish Fire and Rescue service to see what is involved in fire fighting as well as discussing how students in Dundee play a big part in their day to day operations.

A Special Thanks to the Blackness Road Fire Station & Dundee University for helping make this documentary happen.

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THE second-in-command of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service has retired suddenly following allegations of gross misconduct.

It is believed the departure of Gordon Hunter, the deputy chief fire officer, is linked to claims compromising photographs and videos had been discovered and amid concerns over his general behaviour.

The service released a statement confirming his immediate retirement, just hours after telling this newspaper he had been suspended.

He was relieved of all duties yesterday and ordered not to contact anyone within the service.

“The service will be making no further statements on this matter.” Mr Hunter was responsible for operational response, community commands, control and civil contingencies.

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