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Vlastníte-li dům, automobil, pozemek, nebo jinou movitost či nemovitost?Můžete je nabídnout prostřednictvím našeho katalogu jako reklamní nosič.

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During a press conference to commemorate the completion of the new Godzilla movie, Anno’s opening remarks was an apology to Evangelion fans for keeping them waiting for the final movie.

Additionally, he reiterates how draining it is to be working on Evangelion and mentions that after the 3rd movie, Evangelion 3.0: You can (not) Redo, that he felt that he’d never create anything again.

In the past we’ve seen mentions of how soul draining it was for him to work on the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series, and more recently (especially while waiting for the 4th and final movie) how emotionally draining it was for Anno to work on the new movies, so it wasn’t necessarily much of a surprise to hear him mention at the press conference that Evangelion is his soul.

“The only way for me to describe Evangelion is to say that it is my soul.

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