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The microformats2 parsing spec is the core of what has enabled even simpler publishing processing of microformats.

One of the meta-lessons we learned in that process is that the wiki really is less suitable for collaborative issue filing and resolving, and as of today are switching to using a Git Hub repo for filing any new microformats2 parsing issues.

The number of microformats2 parsers in different languages continues to grow, most of them with deployed live-input textareas so you can try them on the web without touching a line of parsing code or a command line!

All of these are open source (repos linked from their sections), unless otherwise noted.

These are the new ones: The Java parsers are a particularly interesting development as one is part of the upgrade to Apache Any23 to support microformats2 (thanks to Lewis John Mc Gibbney).

In this day and age of web frameworks that rise and fall like seasonal fashion displays, bait-and-break APIs, and sudden site-deaths, it’s nothing short of incredible that we’ve been able to continue evolving, improving, and growing microformats use for 11 years.

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