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One decade after the season premiere in 2005 and all the doctors, nurses and characters who have come and gone from the gripping emotional ABC hospital drama, and yet the Shonda Rhimes created series is still going strong.

Don’t be surprised if a similar outcome is in store when Season 12 wraps up in 2016, but when can fans expect Season 12 to get to Netflix?

Based on the release of last season when the season finale aired on ABC on May 14 and hit Netflix on June 15, fans shouldn’t have to wait that long when the Season 12 finale airs on May 19 or May 26.

All that cleaning stops when Meredith finds a "stupid, stupid blanket" that used to be Derek's.

She explains that Derek had it when he was living in the trailer and then they moved it to Meredith's mother's house and then to the dream house.

She wraps herself up in it, sits in front of the fire with Alex, and realizes that she's just not ready to date. Here's where it got a little tricky for me: Will shows up at Meredith's house, and is genuinely concerned and apologetic. Also, after last week's drunken incident, Amelia tells Owen she can't be with him now, and probably not ever, which makes sense, because two episodes ago, I finally got invested in their relationship.

When Meredith says she isn't ready, he doesn't try to talk her out of it or pressure her. But then he takes it a step further by saying if she ignores his calls, he'll just show up at her house. Meanwhile, Catherine Avery, who is even more nebulously malicious than usual these days (which seems like it would cause friction in her marriage to Webber, but whatever), has flown in to Seattle under the guise of making sure Jackson's OK after the divorce and April's baby bombshell.

But he does say that he's going to wait awhile and then call her again. I know intense pursuit is supposed to be romantic but have some boundaries, buddy. She has what seems to be a lovely, maternal conversation with April, but later, she reveals to Jackson that the conversation was a ruse to get information "to go after her." Look, Debbie Allen plays evil genius beautifully — she is a national treasure — but why would she be interested in taking April down, and how does she even plan to go about doing so? Sue April for fraud, even though the Averys are all multimillionaires? And for the first time since perhaps her infancy, Arizona and Callie's daughter actually appears on screen! The big patients of the week were Tori and Christopher, who were both injured in a sexual accident, caused by the fact that she's a tiny lady and he's a big guy (both in stature and, presumably, in … My physical type is dudes who are, like, a foot taller than me, and so in 11 years of watching, this is probably the most closely I've ever identified with patients on .

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