Indiana sex chat

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She told investigators he claimed to be a police officer and pretended he was taking into a police radio.

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Suddenly, you strike up a dialogue with a woman halfway across the country.

As the conversation progresses and becomes more sexual in nature, you are made aware of the fact that the person you are chatting with is younger than 18 – the age of consent in California.

Startled, you quickly search for the age of consent in the girl’s home state and to your relief, you discover that she is considered an adult by law where she lives.

You can’t possibly be prosecuted for a sex offense if the girl was of legal age in her home state, right? In a recent case, 59-year-old California resident Mark Shapiro met 14-year-old Indiana resident “Jane Doe” in an internet chat room.

-- A man kept a woman chained up for days and held her prisoner in the basement of an Indianapolis home, prosecutors say.

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