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Read on below for the Top 25 of the Artist and Digital Singles charts and the complete New Artists chart.

Not surprised about backnumber, Radio Fish and AKB making it in the top 5 for singles but I was expecting AI's to chart even higher.

Everyone seemed to have nothing but love for it and it was everywhere at the beginning of the year. nice to see Fujiwara Sakura is doing so well, Love Song is really a big boost for her, hopefully everything will go up from now.

oh and Flower released that song in June 1st and it's already #15 half year chart Umi no Koe is seriously so popular in Japan and I actually did enjoy the CM series x D and wow I know that Wherever you are got back on the chart because of a CM but surprised that they still maintain on the chart (still saw it on itunes jp chart the other day) ever after months since it got back.

Hope OKR release a new single (not digital) or a new album this year.

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