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' There was a sound of someone scratching gently at the window.

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As soon as shewas indoors she fell into my arms, all wet, cheek wet, hair bedraggled,shivering. Gasping, she pulled the last bundle of paper out of the stovewith her bare hands. I stamped out theflames with my foot and she collapsed on the divan and burst intoconvulsive, uncontrollable tears. ' " I shall make you better," she murmured, burying her head in myshoulder. Thenwith clamped lips she started to collect and sort the burnt sheets of paper.

' When she was calm again I said : ' " I suddenly felt I hated the novel and I was afraid. Ifeel terrible." ' She sat up and said : ' " God how ill you look. It was a chapter from somewhere in the middle of the book, I forget which.

She carefully piled up the sheets, wrapped them up into a parcel and tied itwith string.

All her movements showed that she was a determined woman whowas in absolute command of herself.

She asked for a glass of wine and havingdrunk it said calmly : ' " This is how one pays for lying," she said, " and I don't want to goon lying any more.

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