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Any predictability from the powerups formation is offset by the wild scrum of the race itself, but there are a few issues with such rigid blur positioning.The carnage at the beginning of the race as everyone jostles for position can become something of a mess, if joyously frantic, as everyone picks up and instantly fires off shunts (homing missile) and bolts (aimed shot) in a Pavlovian reflex to picking blur them up. This power up drops three pockets of EMP energy at the front of the pack in order to give the leaders something to think about and thin out the pack.However, you can often come across the rather daft situation where several people fire them off at once, leading to an non-negotiable ocean of car-stopping energy.

Brighton promenade allows you to tear along lengthy straights by the seaside, before swinging you townwards into tricky chicanes.

The tracks are superbly moulded to incorporate both the combat and rich handling.

And in doing so, brought us the most exciting new racer in years. As Bizarre head further into blur 'arcade' territory it is, of course, looser and phenomenally quick, but retains a suppleness and depth that other car combat games rarely manage (or aim for).

I come to a split-second later, only to see a parade of vehicles sweeping over the finish line ahead of me. Relentless mirth crackling down my plastic headset. In marrying the simulation sensibilities of a hard-core driving game with the ferocious combat of a kart-racer, Bizarre has done both.

And then the whole lobby descends into rapturous laughter. ” The thing you need to understand about Blur – the latest racing game from Project blur Gotham Racing creators Bizarre – is that these stories happen all the time. I may have added a little drama, just for fun, but the sequence of events is absolutely true. Creating such beautiful chaos isn't easy, especially in a racing game, but forming some kind of order out of it is even harder.

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