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Once the copy of the clip came in his possession, Joshua started issuing threats to Taaha, and demanded that he cough up Rs 17 lakh.

But, Taaha refused to budge, after which Matthews allegedly threatened to make the private clip public on social networking sites,” said a police source. Joshua, who always envied his cousin, is learnt to have gone a step ahead and allegedly sent certain images of the clip to Taaha’s girlfriend, to try and coax her to convince Taaha to pay up.

When Taaha realised that the matter had worsened, he informed his mother and asked her to intervene and settle the issue with her nephew.

But Joshua got furious and started demanding Rs 1 crore from the actor and his mother.

Dad turns complainant“Joshua asked Taaha’s mother to sell their Versova apartment and pay the hefty amount or face dire consequences.

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