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The Membership attribute of a group specifies how you may join the group. Invite only: You must be invited to join the group. Please note that if your message is deemed unsuitable for the group, it may be deleted from the Chit-Chat. To see the date and time when a message was posted, move your mouse cursor over the message, and a tooltip will appear that shows you the post date and time of the message.

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Unlike the Discussion Board which follows a more traditional forum style exchange, the Chit-Chat emphasizes what is happening right now and right here in your group.

The Access attribute of a group specifies how the group can be viewed, browsed, or searched. It is a quick and fun way for people to catch up with each other in a group.

Private: Only members of the group can view the group. The Chit-Chat is a place where members can write short messages for everyone to see.

To post a message, click on the "Post Message" link.

Please note that only a subset of the message syntax is supported for messages.

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