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At first, we create a group called "Admin", which gets all permissions to administrate the server.This can be achieved using the console or by editing the "permissions.yml" file.Using the console: To create a group open the console and type: # This is a comment and has no effect groups: Player: default: true prefix: 'Player' suffix: ' ' permissions: Admin: default: false prefix: 'Admin' suffix: ' ' permissions: - '*' users: Your Username: group: - Admin CAUTION: Only the server admin should be entered into the (located in the root directory). Players entered into have complete access to all commands!

What we keep in mind: Create groups: To give a group enough rights so that they can play normal, you have to add "modifyworld.*" to this group.

(This can be entered ingame or via console) To give a specific group a specific permissions, you can use Congratulations!

, you have completed this tutorial and you're able to cope with Permissions Exsowie and also to configure it!

If there should be any errors or permissions not working, control your here.

Elite - * - enderdragon - giant - wither - -disguisecraft.player.* - inheritance: - VIP extra options: rank: '400' elite Extra: prefix: '&a[&l Elite Extra]&7' permissions: -

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