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Crockett and Tubbs, under fabricated identities, enter a world where their badges mean nothing, danger and violence is waiting around every corner, and if they show any signs of their real intentions, they will be killed on sight.It doesn't exactly help that Crockett falls in love with one of the cartel's most important members (Gong Li).Miami Vice is a very intense film, which maintains a consistent tone of imminent danger.

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See more » Sinnerman (Felix Da Housecat's Heavenly House Mix) Traditional, arranged by Nina Simone Performed by Nina Simone Courtesy of The Verve Music Group Under license from Universal Music Enterprises See more » The first thing you need to know when you see Miami Vice, is that it's hardly anything like the trailers.

While the insanely cool trailer makes this out to be a big, loud, mindless, shoot em' up action movie filled with car chases, explosions, and damsels in distress, the movie is actually anything but.

They had to advertise the movie this way if they wanted to make money, but the fact is, if you go into this expecting what it was advertised as, you will be bored to tears, and most certainly hate the movie.

I myself found the movie unbearably boring the first time I watched it.

However, after a second viewing that I forced upon myself in my unwilling to be disappointed by such a cool looking film, I felt completely different about it. Miami Vice is a gritty, intense, and often brutal, no- nonsense suspense drama that rewards patience and attention.

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