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His writings dealt mainly with life in his native Bosnia under Ottoman rule.

Born in Travnik in Austrian-occupied Bosnia, Andrić attended high school in Sarajevo, where he became an active member of several South Slav national youth organizations.

Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914, Andrić was arrested and imprisoned by the Austro-Hungarian police, who suspected his involvement in the plot.

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After the war, he studied South Slavic history and literature at universities in Zagreb and Graz, eventually attaining his Ph. He worked in the diplomatic service of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia from 1920–23 and again from 1924–41.

In 1939, he became Yugoslavia's ambassador to Germany, but his tenure ended in April 1941 with the German-led invasion of his country. The Committee cited "the epic force with which he ...

Shortly after the invasion, Andrić returned to German-occupied Belgrade. traced themes and depicted human destinies drawn from his country's history".

He lived quietly in a friend's apartment for the duration of World War II, in conditions that some biographers liken to house arrest, and wrote some of his most important works, including Na Drini ćuprija (The Bridge on the Drina). Afterwards, Andrić's works found an international audience and were translated into a number of languages.

Following the war, Andrić was named to a number of ceremonial posts in Yugoslavia, which had come under communist rule at the war's end. In subsequent years, he received a number of awards in his native country.

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