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Get the worksheets at and Marina discuss emmigration from Spain over the last century, how it affected Marina’s family directly, and whether it is really about to happen again now.

Get the worksheets at talks to Flor about her home country Chile, covering everything from geography, to gastronomy, how recent tragedies changed the country’s attitude to faith, the lives of her 30-something friends, and typical Chilean expressions. In this episode, Ben and Marina talk about how the art of complimenting a lady in the street has changed to sexual harrassment, the demise of the Spanish Macho man, and the classic film 'Jamon, Jamon'!

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Learn Spanish with Real Spanish Conversations for advanced and inspired intermediate learners, including full analysis of all the best language and vocab in each show.

Get the accompanying worksheets at and Marina discuss the reasons for, and attitudes towards, the new speed reduction on Spanish highways, and how it doesn’t fit in with the speed increase on Madrid’s pavements!

Get the worksheets at and Marina discuss the life of Cristóbal Colón (Columbus), and look at whether the tyrannical side of him portrayed in the film ‘Tambien la lluvia’ is really accurate or not.

Get the worksheets at and Marina discuss life after Peak Oil, and the fascinating Transition Town initiative that is sweeping through the UK and beyond, promising to help us thrive in an oil-reduced future.

Get the worksheets at and Marina look at the strange world of coincidences and discuss whether it is all down to probability and statistics, or whether there is something else going on…

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