Spinz samba deo online dating

by  |  08-Jan-2016 09:44

I love to try out different varieties of deodorants and body sprays and Spinz has been one of my favourite brands so far.

Pick from our five irresistible international fragrances, sourced from the finest perfumery houses across the world-Exotic, Enchante, Hip-Hop, Samba, Rock’n’Roll and Tango, packed in 75ml and 150ml.

Exotic and Enchante are fragrances that are sure to awaken that sexy and peppy side of you from dawn to dusk.

When a new beat kick starts your day and you’ve got your groove on, Hip-Hop is in the air-with a spunky-sporty fragrance that wires you with energy!

Let your hips do the talking with Samba, a feisty citrus blended aroma that keeps you alive 24/7.

Although I know, that love for a fragrance is something which might vary from person to person and its preference is a relative concept, I am enjoying this fragrance and I am sure most of its prospective users will love it too!

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