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Although working towards my license is something my boss would have taken notice to, the path to licensure is one that most of my peers would eventually follow too, so I wanted something else under my belt, something different (and faster) that would help me stand out.

That’s when I was introduced to LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – a program introduced in 2005 by the US Green Building Council to systemize sustainable design and create incentive to build environmentally friendly buildings.

There’s an exam people can take to become a LEED Accredited Professional which allows one to manage projects under the LEED rating system, and because everything else was “going green” at this time, I figured it would be smart of me to “go green” as well and work towards my accreditation.

The office only had a few LEED APs (none in my department) and after asking them about the exam, I eventually found out that there was a ton of material to learn and the exam was very difficult to pass (with a 30-35% passing rate).

Plus, there wasn’t nearly as many as classes or resources to help people pass the exam as there were for the architecture licensing exam, so a lot of the studying had to be self-driven.

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