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Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. Stuff out of the frame (including body parts) cease to exist, perspective gags galore, selective gravity, photo cut-outs, sight gags, visual puns, internet memes, breaking the 4th wall...

Every animation gimmick you've ever seen appears at one time or another.

Golden Age animator Tex Avery once said, "If you can do it in real life, it isn't animation." Uncle Grandpa embraces that philosophy and runs with it.

Follow IMDb on Facebook I understand how so many people find Uncle Grandpa hard to watch or find it too trippy and hallucinogenic to stomach.

Don't even try to keep a list, there are too many.

My only complaint about Uncle Grandpa is that sometimes it's a little too NORMAL.

I can get normalcy any day without turning on the TV.

Curtas: "Uma Fatia de Vida com Steve Pizza: Estações de Rádio/A Quente Entrega do Fresco Steve Pizza" A origem da Tigresa é contada em flashback.

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