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The ‘input’ part of the course – the learning ‘about’ teaching English and how to do it effectively – is completed online through a Cambridge VLE (virtual learning environment).

Watch a demo video of how the Online CELTA works here.

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From teaching air-traffic controllers in Madrid, to teaching advertising executives in Rio de Janeiro, a career in TEFL can take you into a wide array of very different contexts.

There are opportunities for working with charities and NGOs in the developing parts of the world, and there are also opportunities in the UK, as more and more people come from around the world to study, work and live here.

CELTA is the benchmark qualification in the TEFL profession and is the first requirement stipulated by employers worldwide.

This is covered through 30 online units incorporating interactive tasks and videos, as well as participation in discussion forums and sessions in an online virtual classroom. The Input sessions prepare you for the 20 x 180-minute Teaching Practice sessions – on the 22-week course it’s 1 evening per week, 5.45 – 9.15pm, and on the 11-week course it’ll be 2 evenings per week.

If you've given any thought to teaching English abroad, you've more than likely seen a lot of different acronyms thrown around when talking about certifications -- TESOL, CELTA, TEFL and TESL to name just a few.

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