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After Dedee seduces Matt and claims she's pregnant by him, the couple steals ,000 from Bill's safety deposit box and heads for L. Alarmed by Matt's seeming disappearance and hoping to blackmail Bill into disclosing Matt's whereabouts, Bill's former student (also Matt's former beau) Jason (Johnny Galecki) accuses Bill of molestation four years previous, a charge that jeopardizes Bill's job as a schoolteacher. Lucia is a repressed old maid who flinches from even the thought of sex, but even so, weird Sheriff Tippett (Lyle Lovett) takes a fancy to her.

Her life revolves around ruining the lives of others.

She doesn't even seem to get that much out of it, her reward is to cause people pain.

Whether that be acting out at a funeral, inviting herself to stay, getting pregnant, or stealing her half-brother's boyfriend.

Ricci narrates in a self knowing tone, explaining why we feel sorry for certain characters and not others.

Synopsis: A 16 year old Louisiana girl moves in with her homosexual half-brother and immediately starts coming on to his sexual partner, finally forcing him into an affair in which she becomes pregnant.

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