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It then explores the languages in developed media of pictorial art, sculpture, architecture and landscape architecture.

Because Video Installation is a hybrid medium, the languages found in these media are applied to deepen its meanings.

Video Space Art is defined as a space-time experience that includes people as participants.

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Nam Jun Paik's Magnet TV (1965), Eagle Eye (1996) and TV Clock (1963-81), Shigeko Kubota's Three Mountains (1976-79), and Bill Viola's Heaven and Earth (1992), The Crossing (1996) and Passage(1987), Dan Graham's Present Continuous Past(s)(1974), Bruce Nauman's Live-Taped Video Corridor(1969-70), David Hall's Progressive Recession (1975), and Peter Campus' Negative Crossing (1974) are among the artworks explored.

The extended discussion of the concepts and concerns behind these artworks are followed by the classification of these artworks into Video Space Art and Video Sculpture.

In addition to these artworks, the analyses of the elements of Video Space Art are applied to my own practical works: Two (1999), It Takes me 15 Minutes to go to School (2000), and Love Potion in my Heart (2004).

(The appendix to this thesis contains the documentation of my works in DVD ROM format).

This thesis is to introduce and examine Video Space Art as a form of Video Art.

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