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In Case also has a few other really excellent NSFW mini-comics out there like A Devilish Deal (done as a guest comic for Oh Joy Sex Toy), The Good Ol’ Times, My Debut, and the currently in-progress Xenobiology.

As a non-binary trans person, this webcomic from Erika Moen and Matthew Nolan, as well as the work they feature from guest illutrators, has helped me tremendously with seeing myself as a sexual being, learning to express my sexual needs and wants with partners, unpacking my internal stigmas about sex, and loving my non-binary body in transition.

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At first living out of their van on the streets, the two eventually catch their break at a battle of the bands where they discover that their music has such profound power that it drives all those who hear it into a lustful, inhibition free sexual frenzy.

From there they find themselves at the center of a battle between major music producers who want their talent, no matter what.

Currently sitting at five chapters, with 158 pages of delightful lewdness, it all starts right here with Track 1.

seems like an unlikely place to find a little sex ed.

Although it’s always been a bit more on the adult side, with its tequila-induced hallucinatory houseplants and near-apocalypse caused by shortage of vibrator-powering AA batteries, is one of webcomics’ closest successors to the syndicated newspaper comic.

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