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It’s time to use your cell phone (don’t you both mostly communicate via text anyway?! Some of us don’t sext at all; we don’t trust ourselves and get shy. Heck, it can even start out kinda “meh”, because women don’t necessarily fall in love with a guy because he’s sexy and great in bed. Guys NEED hot sex to stay loyal and in love, and if your sex life has gotten dull, or never quite got off the ground, now’s the time to turn up the heat in your relationship. Most of us aren’t creative enough to come up with great sexts, or we don’t have time to with our job demands, raising babies and running a household.And who’s to blame you for being a li’l bland and timid in the vixen department.

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As a gal who’s into dudes, I can’t tell you how much time I’ve spent online and the amount of dough I’ve forked out for magazines to read up on how to talk dirty. Yes, there was some golden prose sprinkled in the mix, but for the most part, everything seems silly, syrupy or just plain played out. Bad girls, or sex kittens, or vixens extraordinaire, or whatever you want to call them, don’t send sexts like “I miss ur cock” or “I’m thinking of u & touching myself.” Why?

Because EVERY girlfriend or wife worth half a lay does these things.

Now, these potato-without-salt sexts you’ve been sending, the anemic ones you’ve been finding free online, may work on your man; he may be happy just to get a few boring ball-teasers. But there are a lot of men with minds far too raunchy and nasty to be sexually satisfied by the average Suzy Homemaker’s attempts at being sexy-cute.

Sure, he says he appreciates your sweet attempts at being sexy, but deep down inside, he might just be telling himself, “I wish my woman would understand how much I need it to be sloppy, stupid, dirty and downright wrong.

I think I need to get Kristina to write me some more, fast!

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