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But uniquely, there are functions that allow you to speak to a group of friends (turning your phone into a walkie-talkie) and to chat one-on-one using quick audio snippets instead of text — extremely useful when you’re too distracted to concentrate on writing an SMS, or if you’re writing in Chinese characters, which takes longer using a standard alphabet.

Developed by China’s largest listed Internet company Tencent, We Chat — known as Weixin in China — has all the basic features of a mobile-messaging app, with users chatting by text or voice and making video calls.

But soon you might be getting familiar with another, especially if you live in Asia: We Chat.

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“It’s fun using We Chat,” said Wei Ziwei, a 23-year-old living in Chongqing, a city in China’s southwestern region.

“Being able to give a voice to your messages makes them so much more interesting.” Other rich features include an abundance of emoticons that can be sent when the right words just can’t be found (you can also make your own emoticons using photos you’ve taken yourself).

There’s a social-media aspect to the app too, allowing you to post your photos, and share interests and locations, on a page that’s similar to a Facebook profile.

And if you want a shot at love or just the chance of a new friendship, We Chat has a few options: the Shake function pairs users up with others who are looking to meet new people; the Drift feature sends a message to a random user; and the Look Around function lets users find other people in the vicinity who are using We Chat.

Think Facebook, Whats App, Instagram, Skype and the Tinder dating app wrapped into one.

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